Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What Does 'Open Borders' Mean?

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Welcome to the Richer Scale!

By Bill Richer

President Bush and most Republicans and Democrats want our borders open. They justify the open border with reasons such as immigrants providing more votes or taking jobs Americans won’t do.

Then they are pushing for more Visas like H1Bs to bring more foreigners to replace high-tech American workers. Bush once said, “All Americans have to do is take an extra course or two to compete!” In other words he wants Americans to compete with the world for not only American high-tech jobs but for every job in USA. Then they also are outsourcing many jobs overseas and taking with them high technology and personal data of Americans that can easily be used to steal identities and money! In another article I read about a few years ago in an interview, George W. Bush told the interviewer, “I don’t have to answer to the American people!”
So what does “Open Borders” mean?

1. It means that Republicans and Democrats are working together for a global government! This makes them one party!
2. It means that the FTAA which calls for open borders from the bottom of South America to the top of Alaska is being pushed ahead of time even before it is voted on!
3. It means that the President and Congress do not care about what 80 to 90 percent of the American people think. They act as if we are not here!
4. It means that Homeland Security is a farce and a waste of money as long as the borders are open. It is like fishing with a net with a huge hole in it. It was even said recently that they have a huge amount of money not even used! What are they doing?
5. It means that the King George we got rid of in the Revolutionary War is back!
6. It means that the President and Congress and both Republican & Democrat Parties no longer follow the US Constitution!
7. It means that the sovereignty of the United States borders is at least in question and at most we have none!
8. It means that since sovereignty is in question, is the United States dissolved?
9. It means if the United States is dissolved, the war on terror must be a phony war!
10. It means the military that is fighting overseas, that says it is fighting for its country, may not have a country. Our military has been blinded by a false patriotism. (Also, there are questions why experimental shots and depleted uranium are taking its toll on our men and women in uniform).
11. It means that any draft should be flatly refused! We should instead join civilian militias or minutemen like groups in our states.
12. It means that the new masters of the government are the Banks and Corporations. The government is now only a criminal element with a flag on the wall for false patriotism.
13. It means that the Patriot Act and Homeland Security were not made for security of the American People but for the security of banks and corporations. They will be used to enslave the American people.
When a government makes laws against the people, it gets paranoid because it becomes fearful of the people so it makes laws like Patriot Act for their protection.
14. It means that the continuing flow of Illegals will continue to close hospitals because hospitals cannot afford to care for all of them for free.
15. It means that the closing of hospitals and the continuing flow of Illegals with various diseases could start a violent epidemic of one of these diseases throughout America with not enough hospitals to care for all people.
16. It means that criminal gangs from Illegals are setting up shop in many cities creating war zones in many areas in the USA.
17. It means that drugs flow in smoothly with the border wide open!
18. It means that open borders, Illegals, Visas and outsourcing are turning America into a third world country if we don’t stop it soon! Our pays go down and prices go up! Some Americans cannot even get jobs!
19. It means that because the President and Congress do not obey the Constitution to guard our borders, there is a question of sedition and treachery. Is this government truly the US government or is it a domestic enemy of the Constitution as many of us have sworn to defend? (How dare Bush call the Minutemen, “Vigilantes!”)
20. It means that all we have heard from the John Birch Society in the past 25 to 30 years about conspiracies and takeovers is coming to fruition even though the left has told us time and again that it wasn’t true.
21. It means they will try real hard, soon, to take away our guns! This we must never let happen. We should have never allowed one law in any state about guns at all.
22. It means the George Bush is not a very good Christian. “Behold, the wages you withheld from the laborers who reaped your fields are crying out” (Jas 5:4). Yes the people who have no jobs or are working for peanuts are crying out!
23. It means that George Bush is not serious for changing Social Security for the good of the American people when he wants to add Illegals to Social Security. This would bankrupt it! (It seems that everything George Bush does seem to point to bankruptcy of the USA).
24. It means that the Corporations and Banks have been stealing American Taxpayers money through the politicians for decades.
25. It means that military training is stopped because of thousands of Illegals crossing in military training areas.
26. It means high gas prices keep many from traveling. Could mean they don’t want people leaving their areas.
27. It means we can’t believe much of what the government says. The crash of KAL 007, crash of TWA 800, WACO, Bombing in Oklahoma City and the events of 911 leave us with many unanswered questions.
28. It means that the American people must watch foreign peoples brought to this country by our government because they may very well be military from foreign governments. (Friends of the management, the Banksters) Remember both Clinton and the Bush has helped China build up economically and militarily. China is on both sides of Panama Canal, has base in Bahamas and recently put bases in Cuba. They have about 3000 companies in US and most of their companies are owned by their military. You don’t hear this in the news!
29. It means that if things don’t go in the neo-con’s way, look for another 911 and this time they will declare Martial Law. Americans must not allow Martial Law to take effect! By leaving borders open they are allowing anyone in here to cause another 911. They can’t be trusted! If we allow Martial Law, the American people will be slaves!
30. It means that the American people are blinded and addicted by their pleasures so much so that they don’t care what happens, not even to their children. They may know all the stats of all athletic games but know nothing of the goings on of their government or know their US Constitution. Many believe the old adage, “Leave Politics to the Politicians!” This we cannot allow!
31. It means that there can be no patriotism while this government goes about business ignoring the American people!
32. It means that all men and women who fought and died or were wounded physically or emotionally for the American Dream to go on in America in all past wars would have panic attacks if they saw what George Bush and company are doing today! I wonder if the heroes of those wars would repeat what they done if they saw in the future what the government is doing today!
33. It means that our Founding Fathers must be rolling in their graves at what is happening today! Yet, I still hear their words, “As for me, give me liberty or give me death!”
Well, if I thought about this I could think of a lot more items that I could add but this is pretty good the way it is.

I just want to say that not to give up hope! We all must think we are now at Valley Forge with George Washington. Things seemed hopeless then too. Yet, the prayerful Washington surprised all with victory! We all must pray to God for America and do everything to help our country come back to God and the Constitution.

I leave you with four of my favorite quotes:

“Man proposes, God disposes!” - Author Unknown

“Pray as if everything depended on God, and work as if everything depended upon man.” - Cardinal Francis J. Spellman

“There are no great men. Just great challenges which ordinary men, out of necessity, are forced by circumstance to meet.” - Admiral William Frederick (Bull) Halsey Jr.

“Public service is a brief civic duty, not a career.” - Author Unknown
Never Re-Elect Anyone!