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Abolish Corrupt Government and Banks

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...and women

In earliest society every family is responsible for its own food, clothing and shelter. Then "specialization" sets in and each family starts concentrating on the production of one or more items for trade with others who do likewise. Then a class of "middlemen" is created, individual shop keepers at first, then a whole network of wholesalers and retailers and the transporters necessary to move the merchandise from source to sellers. The problem is that as society expands, the organizations created to serve the expansion shift their attention from one of service to society to one of service to self. This we are seeing as Wall Street wallows in greed extracting trillions of Dollars from the society they no longer serve but which now serves them. They do this through monopolization of energy flows, energies without which society cannot exist. These flows, which should belong to everyone, have been given over by another monopolization, Government, to a chosen few. These flows begin with the money flow and expand to include other energies like electricity and oil.

A few foreign governments, apparently headed by more altruistic individuals than in ours, are now being roundly criticized for actually shifting service back from the few to the many. They should be lauded for what they are doing, for by so doing they are insuring their own survival. In our society, greedy self-serving governments and other monopolizers of energies are dooming themselves to extermination. Though it is claimed that historically America has never been out from under domination of "The City" of London, I disagree. The 1776 Declaration of Independence said "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more." AND THEY MEANT IT!

The 1777 Articles of Confederation (based upon the Algonquin Confederation - our real Founding Fathers and Mothers?) did establish a confederation of thirteen SOVEREIGN states. This is proven by the Treaty of Paris of 1783 which was between the Crown and THIRTEEN sovereign states. It was THIRTEEN treaties. Then along came the subversive 1787 Constitutional Convention which abolished the sovereignty of the formerly-sovereign thirteen states. Since ratification, there has been but one sovereign government though with the first US bank act in 1791 it went right back under control of The City. Our THIRTEEN sovereign states were independent of City dominance for THIRTEEN years, during which time they successfully conducted a war for Independence. Who says thirteen is an un-lucky number? Maybe being trashed by the subversive Constitution makes it so. It is very true that with today's world thousands of monetary systems is impractical. Even hundreds is impractical. There could be a world currency, values within countries based upon either GDP or GNP, probably the former.

Meanwhile as the world's economic morass is imploding, local currencies will be necessary until the current governmental/economic system CAN BE REPLACED. Local currencies are being used today in hundreds of communities in the US and Germany and probably many other countries, where the people see what's coming. Government world-wide needs to be restructured along the lines of Exodus 18:21. Democracy and any other dominance system must go. The US government most certainly must go. We need to go back to the basic Exodus 18:21 structure with ten-family TUNS picking one person to sit in the lowest council, each council picking one to sit at the next higher, and so forth. This worked for many centuries and will work again. Below is structured by Charles Stewart with seven-man councils, better insuring unanimity of decision. Back to one-year terms for Presidents and Justices as under the Articles of Confederation. READ IT!

Ninth Level: National President&Supreme Court(x12)Population Governed by 281,421,906

Eighth Level:12 Super-State Common-Law Courts (x12)Population Governed by 23,451,825

Seventh Level:144 State Common-Law Courts(x 12)Population Governed by Each 2,122,049

Sixth Level: 1,728 Mini-State Common-Law Courts(x12)Population Governed by 172,244

Fifth Level: 20,736 Adjustable Super-County Courtsx 5)Population Governed by 14,354

Fourth Level:103,680 Proper Common-Law County Courts(x10)Population Governed by 2,870

Third Level: 1,036,800 Precinct/Hundred Courts(10)Population Governed by 287

Second Level:10,368,000 Town Councils,Deaconries(x10)Population Governed by 28.7

First Level:103,680,000 Household/Homesteads(x10)Population Governed by 2.87

We need no pompous judiciary-for-life of Roman lawyers who place themselves above the Golden Rule and our inherent sense of Right and Wrong. We need no thousands of rule-making legislators and the thousands of new laws annually adding to the present confusion. We need to get back to the system when the Presidents of the United States were NOT treated like Roman Caesars as today. Turn off the government brainwashing! Start taking back control over your own life, liberty and property. The present system of statutized criminality is going under. GET MAD AS HELL AND START DOING SOMETHING RIGHT FOR A CHANGE.

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"We hang the petty thieves and appoint
the great ones to public office." Aesop

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