Thursday, April 30, 2009

Secret Passage to Immortality

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by Garrison Russell

Christianity, like the study of science, is still largely unknown, misunderstood and its exploration remains in its infancy. Just as there is a single set of laws which control the interactions of the universe, so also is Christianity and there is one God who made both. It is our mission as spiritual warriors to ardently search out and discover these glorious and immutable precepts, prove them true, and zealously apply them to our lives.

Several years ago we made some observations of spiritual events that could not be explained by any known doctrine of Organized Christianity. An exhaustive study was undertaken to explore these observations, and this research gave rise to a new Christian theory which can explain and articulate these fresh revelations.

“SonPlacing” is the result. It is the formal account of our findings, arranged in logical order and presented for the benefit of our peers.

Like scientific thought in the 1800’s, Christianity is presently suffocated by a matrix of venerable laws, which are built upon erroneous assumptions. These unprofitable footings include the doctrines of the Immortal Soul, the Trinity, the diminution of God’s sovereignty, the Free Will of man, the role of Satan, the purpose of evil, the mission of Jesus Christ, the identity of Israel, the Rapture, the concepts of heaven and hell, the nature of God’s love, and God’s true purpose for man upon the earth. SonPlacing dismisses these old doctrines of the organized church, asserting that they have been built upon faulty foundations.

SonPlacing is the theory of Relativity applied to spiritual things. It is a new revelation of Christian thought and purpose. It does not enter into the existing debates over Christian dogma. Rather, it is an entirely new approach to Christianity, which flows from a new perspective. It is founded upon a fresh model of God’s plan for the earth. It has arisen from new observations. It establishes a new Christian paradigm, and leads to a new destination.

The doctrine of "once saved always saved"is like saying once an adult always an adult. Both the physical and spiritual births are a process... conception, gestation, and birth. Once these three steps are accomplished, then comes infancy, adolescents, and adulthood.

Since flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom, we cannot be completely "saved" until we receive our immortal (adult) bodies. This event occurs at the resurrection. As long as we are in our earthly body, we are in the process of becoming saved.

Take a lesson from the caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly. It's God's great plan in action. We have physical DNA and spiritual DNA. Once we receive the Holy Spirit, we have God's DNA and become joint heirs with Christ and begin our salvation process... justification (conception), sanctification (gestation), and finally glorification... a fully-birthed immortal son of God.

As it is written:
"He who endures to the end shall be saved." Mt.10:22; Mt. 24:13; Mk. 13:13

The apostle Paul explains it thoroughly in  
1 Corinthians 15 

SonPlacing A Handbook for Warriors! available at or If you desire God’s truth more than your own life, and are willing to challenge all that you know, then take up your sword and fly into Chapter One, “The Sacred Secret.” We pray our Heavenly Father will breathe life into the words.