Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Divine Law

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by Mike Farris

Has the Divine Law been “put away” or “nailed to the cross”? While the Ten Commandments are universally accepted as the highest moral code, there are other God-given laws which define the true standards of health, monetary regulations, taxation, interest, debt, and all other aspects of moral, social and economic conduct of the individual, family, and the nation. We are bound to these laws just as surely as we are bound by the Ten Commandments, or the law of gravity. To the extent that we fail to respect and follow all of God’s laws, personally and nationally, our nation will suffer the curses spelled out in the 28th chapter of the book of Deuteronomy. Read that chapter and compare it with what you see happening in our country, and around the world.

From the internal evidence in the Scriptures, it is shown that the Divine Laws have never been abrogated. Christian believers and their leaders alike fail to understand the various parts of God’s laws. Read my blog: The Levitical Priesthood of Tennessee.

The teaching of God’s laws on all levels is dreadfully lacking today. Pastors, Bible teachers, and every student of political science should study the whole body of the laws of God given in the Scriptures for the benefit of mankind. Although they are frequently mentioned, their application in our daily life is usually ignored and misunderstood. Only the ceremonial rituals carried out by the Levitical priests were “put away”, or “nailed to the cross”.

The DIGEST of the DIVINE LAW by Howard B. Rand was first published in 1943 and points out the fact that we face the rule of law or chaos. It sets forth the justice, equity, and righteousness of the Law of the Lord. When the entire range of Divine jurisprudence is comprehended, and its precepts are obeyed, individual prosperity and national well-being will be the beneficent result.

The 1983 printing in hardcover is still available at the unheard-of low price of $9, plus $4 shipping from Stone Kingdom Ministries. At that price, you can purchase a copy for yourself and your Pastor. Howard Rand was one of the most prolific and knowledgeable authors on Bible subjects during the 20th century. An attorney by training, he was eminently qualified to write on the subject of Divine Law. God blessed Dr. Rand with long life, he was 103 years old at his death. The following is only a partial listing of specific topics covered by the Laws of the Lord.

1. Organization of government
2. Scope of government
3. Qualifications for office-holding
4. Government revenue
5. Legislative enactments
6. Ownership of natural resources
7. Court procedure
8. Standards of values
9. Interest (usury)
10. Lending
11. Indebtedness
12. Private ownership
13. Property rights
14. Taxes
15. Tax exemptions
16. Labor relations
17. Vacations
18. Capital punishment
19. Stealing
20. Imprisonment; restoration
21. Military training
22. Conscription for war
23. Exemption from military service
24. Prohibited foods
25. Sanitation
26. Slavery
27. Kidnapping
28. Penalty for kidnapping
29. Accidental death
30. Compensation for injury… and much more in this 248 page book with full concordant index, and Scriptural index.

Psalm 94:12 says, “Blessed is the man (and women & children) who receive correction, O LORD, and teach them out of THY LAW.” Read all of Psalm 119… it’ll do you good.