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My Journey To God

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The Testimony of Bobby Farris

On Wednesday, September 23, 1998, which I later learned was the first day of the 7th month on the Biblical calendar, and is also the Feast of Trumpets (Leviticus 23:24), I was in deep despair. At age 35, I had lost all hope. I had used drugs for 18 years, my wife of eight years had left me, taking my two young children with her. I had laid out from work that day to write a suicide letter and to make final plans to end my misery. My plan was to park my pickup truck in the employee parking lot, very early Thursday morning before anyone else came to work, and run a hose from the exhaust pipe so someone would find my dead body… but God had other plans.

About 8 o’clock Wednesday night, a friend (I call him my “angel” now) came to my house to ask me to get a tire for his motorcycle. He could see that my eyes were red from crying; and I told him of my suicide plan. While I was gone to get the tire, my friend called a preacher he knew and when I returned he handed the phone to me and said “someone” wants to speak to you.

The voice on the phone said, “I hear you got trouble.” I said, “Yes, I’m going to end all my trouble tomorrow.” He said, “Are you telling me you don’t want your life anymore?” I said, “Yeah, I’m going to kill myself.” What he said next changed my life. “GOOD!”, he said, “If you don’t want your life, give it to the Lord.”

Now, I had not been to church since I was eleven years old, and at the time I was talking to this preacher I was a complete Bible illiterate, but something came over me with such force that I felt God’s holy spirit enter my body, and I felt a peace I had never experienced before.

I said, “Lord Jesus, I give my life to you. Please tell me what to do.” The preacher man said, “You’ll be alright now.” And he hung up the phone. I told my motorcycle buddy to go on home, I would be OK. Within 10 minutes, my dad who lives 140 miles away called and asked was I OK? He had just gotten a strong urge to call me about 9:30 that night. I was still shaken from my experience, and told my dad all that had happened to me that day, and that I had just given my life to Christ. My dad said, “That’s great. Do you need me to come stay with you tonight?” I said, “No, you have to work and so do I, I’ll be OK.” My dad said, “OK son, I’ll see you this week-end.”

That night I slept the most peaceful rest I have ever had. The next morning, Father Yahweh gave me the first word of His message to me… T-H-A-T, THAT! I didn’t know then that there were six more words to follow in the next ten days, so I had no idea what “THAT” meant. All I knew it was from God and it was for me. I told everyone at work what had happened to me and they could see the change in me. But no one could tell me the meaning of THAT.

The next day, Friday, September 25th, God gave me the word CONDITION; still no meaning. Then Saturday, He gave me DEDICATION. My dad came that afternoon and I told him about the words that God was giving me, but my dad didn’t know the meaning either. My dad spent the night with me and Sunday morning we went to church together… the first time in over 20 years.

On Sunday, I received the word VERSATILITY. Monday, the word CO-DEPENDENT. Tuesday and Wednesday, no new words. Thursday, October 1st, I went to visit my grandmother and spent the night at her house and got the word, INTERPRETATION. Friday, October 2nd, which is the 10th day of the 7th month (Leviticus 23:27), I received the word… COMMANDMENT. Since then I have not received any new words. I waited until Thanksgiving to tell my dad that the words had stopped coming. My dad who has been a Christian for over 28 years, asked me to give him all the words I had received with the dates and days of the week they occurred on to see if there was a pattern or hidden code that Father Yahweh was revealing to me. The following is what the Holy Spirit revealed to my dad on December 9, 1998.

Yahweh gave you seven words, the number of spiritual completeness. In six days, or six words in this case, God created a new life in you; and on the 7th day He rested and gave you rest from all your troubles. Starting on the Feast of Trumpets which is an announcement of things to come, you received :

1. THAT: “clearness, purity, sincerity.”
2. CONDITION: “a premise upon which the fulfillment of an agreement or covenant depends.”
3. DEDICATION: ” self-sacrificing devotion.”
4. VERSATILITY: “many-sided, ability, capacity or usefulness of many kinds.”
5. CO-DEPENDENT: “relying on another for support.”
6. INTERPRETATION:”to understand in light of individual belief, judgement, or circumstance.”
7. COMMANDMENT: “something that is ordered by Almighty Yahweh.”

Here is the message of the seven words. When you gave your life to Christ unconditionally, your heavenly Father said if you are willing to do THAT (Hebrews 11:6) upon the CONDITION that I, Yahweh, will fulfill My covenant with you, then I will give you My salvation so your DEDICATION and VERSATILITY are not CO-DEPENDENT on anything or anyone except Yahshua the Messiah (Acts 4:12). Then I, Yahweh, will open the door of INTERPRETATION so you will understand in light of your individual circumstance (Job 42:5) that you may keep My COMMANDMENT. And this is My COMMANDMENT, that you agape-love one another that your joy may be full (John 15:1-17). Father Yahweh gave you the 7th word on the Day of Atonement which means at-one-ment with your heavenly Father; for absolutely without doubt, this is the destiny of every begotten Son of Yahweh. Amen and Amen.

This is the true testimony of my son, Robert Michael Farris. Not everyone will find God in the dramatic way my son did, however, you have the same promise… “seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened unto you…” To help you on your journey, I highly recommend the book, SonPlacing by Garrison Russell; available online at SonPlacing

Also, start reading your Bible and just let it speak directly to you. If the Book says do a certain thing, do it. If the Book says not to do certain things, don’t do it. Your pastor or church organization mean well, but they cannot give you what they don’t have. Jesus is the ONLY person who can give you Life and Peace… listen to Him. Forgiveness turns the key, love opens the door to the Kingdom of Heaven.

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